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What is an Encounter?

An Encounter is a dramatic experience that completely changes the course of our lives.  All of us have already experienced many important milestones, or encounter, in our lives: falling in love, getting married, being accepted into a university, obtaining a job, etc.,  but of all the encounters we could have, the most important one is an encounter with the living God.   Matthew 16:26 says For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?    


An Encounter offers people an environment and opportunity that allows them to discover how to establish their relationship with God, how to have direct fellowship with Him, and how to commit to His Lordship in their lives.


Participants are given the opportunity to know and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and to receive assurance of that fact.  They are taught the Gospel and experience forgiveness of sin, deliverance from bondage, emotional and physical healing, and restoration of  worth and value.  They also learn how to walk in the blessings of a covenant relationship with God. 


After these people have had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, they are never the same again .  Consequently we can be assured that when we too, have an encounter with Him, we will never be the same.  


It is our desire and prayer that every person who attends this one day Encounter, will seize the opportunity to experience God.  The results will be manifested in transformed lives-lives that are saved, forgiven of  sin, set free, and healed by the Power of the Living God, Jesus Christ the Lord!


MAY 20, 2017
OCTOBER 21, 2017

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